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03-01-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
One thing I hate about this article is all the talk about if he was lucky? I'm sorry I hate when people base statistics on luck. Well if every player was luckier they would all score 100 points. I know a lot of you believe in the corsi and fenwick ****, but I believe GM's and coaches haven't really caught on to it for a reason. Let's base a players evaluation on if he was luckier and not how he really performed. (not saying that corsi and Fenwick is based on lucked)

He is playing 15 mins a game for a reason this year. He has been extremely inconsistent. That has nothing to do with luck. You can say effort or whatever effects him being inconsistent, but luck? Look at Voracek, I would say he is the unluckiest if you go that way, but he plays more and busts his ass every shift. I actually think Voracek just has no finishing ability, not unlucky. Sorry a little rant about basing statistics on luck . I hate it. I also understand people probably won't agree at all with this post but its just how I feel. I also know there is luck involved in sports, but lets not judge players performances on it.
I think he does the exact opposite in the article, he takes away the part he thinks is luck (scoring a goal or not) and bases his analysis on the things JVR can control, the amount of shots he takes and the distance he shoots from. His conclusion is that he shoots more from a shorter distance and therefor has a better season.

I don't completely agree with his presumption, but I can see his reasoning.

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