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03-01-2012, 11:23 AM
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There is no doubt that ESPN's coverage of hockey is awful. I honestly don't know why people still go there for hockey coverage and then complain when it is garbage or just not existent.

As far as the college goes, it is funny that this was brought up because as I was watching the Rangers Monday night and saw the advertisement for the Friday night NCAA game of the week on NBCSN it got me thinking about this very subject. In addition to the lack of popularity of hockey in general, and money involved in other college sports, I think one thing that also hurts NCAA hockey coverage when compared to football and basketball is that there are no minor leagues in those sports. A hockey player can be drafted out of college and then play in the minors for a few years, or players just skip college and play in any number of minor leagues before finally being called up. The same goes for baseball, although the CWS will still be on ESPN and ESPN2 this year but college baseball doesn't get the same type of coverage football/basketball get.

Point is, college football/basketball is essentially the minor leagues for those sports, these players come from there and play in these very popular leagues, combine that with the money aspect involved in these two sports and there is your answer.

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