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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I thought what is opening at the end of he month was Phase I... I know the hotel is a possibility to the West of Xfinity Live and the Spectrum footprint will be the parking for the hotel just to its North. I believe, but have no backup source on this, that depending on how Phase I goes and its finances, more may come down the road.

When the Center (nee Spectrum II) was conceived there was to be a linking corridor containing shops and restaurants that were to be used by fans of the two venues as well as patrons when the venues were not i use... This was to be done after the Center was completed and in use. Snider was given a window of time to develop the site by the City but the original plans never materialized as the economy and other circumstances didn't come up favorable... Before the window closed, and before the Spectrum had to have a major refurbishment, Philly Live (now Xfinity Live) was born to use the option... and I believe it is just the beginning, and as Phase I goes, so goes the future.

... And I'm still waiting for one of the gazillion plans for Penn's Landing/Philly Waterfront to get off the ground after all these many decades... Maybe Mayor Nutter should appoint Ed Snider to oversee the project.
Thanks for the answer! I will be down there before games probably when ever I attend one. It will be nice to sit down and pay a reasonable price for a beer before the game. I am never one to get drunk during the game because I love watching the game and taking it all in. After the game though, it's everything goes when it comes to me drinking!

I also hope they expand and put the mall and Hotel in there, it will help the economy out down there big time. People from southern Jersey and all over can come enjoy the hockey game, shop, drink and then stay over night instead of driving back home.

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