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Originally Posted by FlyerGuy18 View Post

I read that Philly Live! won't be bigger than McFadden's when it opens. Is McFadden's really THAT big?
Look at it and McFadden's from above on Google Earth... The site is deceptive when looking at it from the ground angles, and seems quite a bit larger than I was seeing.

Gauging Xfinity Live on Google Earth and McFadden's around Citizens Bank Park to me seems about equal... Looking inside McFadden's you have to take into account the added section at the far end that is not always used, as well as he kitchen and back areas that we don't see. McFadden's is quite large and I could see it broken down into a few smaller establishments.

Also, again with Google Earth, look at Xfinity Live compared to the Chickie's & Peete's strip mall (including all the other shops) off Broad and Packer... I'd say that it is also on par with that.

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