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Originally Posted by HSHS View Post
The trap is installed cause they are a transition team with some pretty weak forecheckers.... avg at best. They also are avg at best at getting puck out of zone and into breakout on a consistent basis with numbers.

So... how do you generate scoring best in that scenario? You force mistakes in neutral zone. It also, hopefully, should tend to lessen the goals against.

When they prove they can break out of zone consistently... and maintain a forecheck across all 4 lines consistently... we have our game plan in that trap. That starts with skilled and experienced defense (unless you're an ungodly talent like Green).

edit: agreed that physical play PLUS frustrating other team (dump and make them go 200' when you don't have numbers) PLUS smart passing and possession (limiting opponents puck time) all lead to turnovers... leading to transition... leading to maintaining a forecheck through the rush.... leads to winning and better hockey on the eyes. This all goes to Langway's assertion that we have less margin for error.
I also believe deep down, Hunter, McPhee and most of the hockey minds around this team feel that to win in the playoffs they can't run and gun it up 24/7. They need to be able to clamp down and hold onto that 2-1 win on nights when the offense isn't firing. They don't have the ability in this type of NHL to just win 6-5 every night, and the needing to win those close games and be responsible is every bit as important as figuring out how to score a bit more.

It does have to do with the centers they do and don't have, and needing to alter the game to where the smaller guys they have aren't taxed as much. But they need to make sure they can limit what the other team gets and impose their will on the other clubs, before they go all out.

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