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03-01-2012, 02:28 PM
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Ankle Sprains and Recovery

I took a spill into the boards and felt a "pop" in my ankle, this happened about a month ago. I've been applying the whole RICE technique and the swelling has subsided, for the most part. There was no bruising, just swelling and in the beginning of the injury I found it difficult to walk. After a couple weeks the only pain that was present was when my ankle would have lateral pressure on it; towards the outside of my body. Now, I'm able to walk on it, jog, even skating during stick n puck sessions and clinics it feels ok. As an iron worker I'm on my feet the majority of the day and it doesn't bother me all that much. However, there is still a little swelling around the ankle. I apply ice and compression a couple times a day and began taking supplements for joints and muscle in hopes of aiding the recovery process. I've got a doctors appointment in a week with a foot and ankle specialist. I'm hoping it was just an ankle sprain however, the fact that the swelling is still present after being on my ankle at times worries me. I've research the damage of high ankle sprains and my ankle didn't look nearly as bad as the photos I looked at.

Any suggestions or comments to aiding the recovery or what the core of the issue may be?

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