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Space in between ice times

I'm a new player. Just got my gear together back in October as a 26th birthday present to myself. The last 6 weeks I've been going pretty hard at it. I started subbing for a beginner league team (E league), going to their practices, and take some classes on Saturday nights. Basically an average of 3 days on the ice a week. Last week I had a game Monday night, practice Wednesday night, stick and puck Thursday night, class and drop-in Saturday night, and went open skating with my son on Sunday afternoon. The instructor has told me I've improved vastly since I started coming to his classes back in December and a lot of guys on the ice notice as well.

I've been pretty sore almost everyday for the last month. I think this week has been the biggest gap in a bit (3 days), but I'm still a little sore from the game on Monday. We are supposed to have a practice tonight, but still unsure if I'll go or not. It's not a huge soreness, just a little sore. I push myself pretty hard on the ice to get better every time I'm out there. I just figured after a while the soreness will go away and my muscles will begin to handle it better. I just really don't want to miss the ice time. Am I crazy or just obsessed?

Anything else I can do but rest and hope my body gets better at handling it all? I've been drinking the Gatorade G1 before ice times and G3 recovery after ice times. I figure the protein can only help my muscles. Any supplements that other recommend?

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