Thread: Speculation: Markov didn't like Jacques Martin?
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03-01-2012, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
That went right over your head didn't?

Not sure where you got that I compared Bowman to Martin? I didn't even mention Martin's name in my post


let's see:

Thread about Markov apparently not liking Markov. Check.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I'm sure half the players on those 70's dynasty Habs team despised Scotty Bowman too...
Comment directly implying that former Habs players "despised" Bowman. Check

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I generally don't see why it's important for fans to know which players like each other or like the coach, etc...

I want players to act like professionals, I couldn't careless if they're not facebook friends

Comment implying belief that professional athletes should perform wether or not they like/are friends with their coach. Check

Maybe you misunderstood my post?

Let me make it clearer for you.

It's idiotic to suggests that a coach whose methods clearly lead to success can be compared, or is in any way relevant to a discussion about a coach whose methods historically have led to underperforming more often than not.

Likewise, any person with even a modest comprehension of how elite athletes perform, would easily understand that "liking" a coach is not nearly as important as "respecting" a coach.

Results/Performance breeds respect, even in the absence of "likeability".

In the absence of effective coaching, a coach who is not "liked" by his athletes will ultimately fail... as Martin inevitably did in Ottawa, Florida and most recently Montreal.

Conversely, some coaches fall short in many aspects of coaching, but are so adept at relationship building that they can achieve success primarily on that basis... on having athletes perform "for them" and overcome other "technical"/"tactical" shortcomings in the process.

As a coach, if you aren't producing winners/results, then you better be developing relationships, Martin did neither.

Bowman, on the other hand, produced results, thus why it did not matter wether or not he was "despised" by his athletes, and why your comment added zero value to this discussion... aside from the comic relief I pointed out.

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