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Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
I was playing about 4-5 times a week when varsity was in earlier in the season plus shinny every friday at 1,nothing wrong with cutting afternoon classes to play a sport right

I am sore once in a while, but I am 16. What I do is take a nice long hot shower OR jump in the hot tub. Whatevers available to you.

IMO don't waste your money on gatorade. ***** expensive and is really just a placebo effect in my experience. Think about it, even in the NHL they have one or two out of 30 bottles gatorade, if it was really that good wouldn't every bottle be gatorade. Nothing in our lifetimes will ever replace water so drink as much of it as you can while we still have it so freely available.
Also chara drinks coke! guess it floats his boat

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