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Originally Posted by Astraphobia Catalyst View Post
With Kane attacking Orton lats night I am a little disapointed that it seems that will be a WM match. I was hoping that they would add Orton to the HW match and give that another dimension. As much as I love Bryan and like Sheamus I just don't think they will be able to put on a good match by themselves. I mean they were supposed to have a match last year but it got bumped off the card so how much can 1 year really make? and as much as I dislike Ortons charactor adding him would help.
Yeah, I'm sure it was bumped because they both totally suck at being interesting.

Stop buying into the WWE way of thinking that Randall K Horton and Cena types need to be involved to make a match between two perceived "non-sports entertainers" work. Those guys are going to have a great match. Thank god Boreton won't be involved, because that's always Vince's thinking that you have to get a big name and one of his favorites in the middle of it, and you know it would end with both getting RKO'd and that dbag with the belt AGAIN. Maybe the fact HHH likes Sheamus actually helped him out on this one.

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