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11-13-2003, 07:16 PM
Harry Kakalovich
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Maybe we're not scoring, but we're learning to keep the puck out far more regularly, and that is the beginning of good hockey.

It's *far* better than last year when we couldn't string together more than two or three passes at a time without losing the puck. One of my biggest complaints from the Therrien era is that we didn't seem to be able to do the basics in hockey - passing and receiving the pass. Least we can do that now.

Tough challenge despite a strugging Sens team. I fully expect a loss, but I want to see some solid play - that's all I ask in games like that. If we play a good, solid game and lose, that's just fine by me. It's the games we show no heart that are...well...disheartening.

Tonight, we played with jump and showed some heart. And, despite what some might have said, we didn't give up.

A concerned fan.
good post! thanks - i didn't get to see the game tonight, but i agree with your outlook in these above sentences. i think it will take about 40 games to really be comfortable in our new system. remember teams like new jersey and ottawa had years to perfect it, and not while under the scrutiny of die hard fans.

also the last few games we've gotten behind but haven't quit, a good sign! and a 2-1 loss on the road is not so bad, i don't think. like you said, as long as we play hard that's the most important.

the one thing i don't understand in your analysis is how you question julien's decisions concerning the young kids. personally i really like what he's doing with the young guys. i don't think throwing a guy on the ice when he isn't ready is a good move, and the patience he is showing with hainsey is fantastic. hainsey (i'm not a huge fan of his, but i see his potential, he is magic with the puck) is looking a lot more comfortable out there now than he did at the start of the year, and i believe this is entirely because of julien and gainey's decision to bring him along slowly. he is getting his chances to play, but isn't getting too much pressure, and this is the way most nhl teams bring up young d. -- same thing goes for the young forwards - bring them along slowly. julien gave ribeiro a huge confidence boost in sitting perreault. hossa and ryder and ward are all happy to be in the nhl and are getting practice time and are learning. i see hossa's potential, but it is julien's job to get him to realise that potential, and lets face it, hossa isn't playing up to his potential. sure hossa is good enough for now, but wouldn't it be nice to see him emerge? julien is working on it - give him time...

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