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Originally Posted by ClemsonCaniac View Post

I've also seen Seether once and 3 Days Grace twice (within a span of a month and a half between the 3DG/Chevelle/Adelita's Way concert at the RBC and the 2010 Rock on the Range).

What's hilarious is the fact that 3 Days Grace played the exact same setlist at both events (minus some odd drum solo thing that they did at the RBC concert). In addition, Adam Gontier even spoke the same exact lines to the audience at both events.

I remember him saying something about getting their Life Starts Now album, in which he said something to the effect of"I don't care if you buy it, steal it, or burn it from a friend, just get it." Exact same phrase both times, as though he rehearsed it before going on state.
I like DOA but it wasn't a "must hear" song for me that night. It's funny, though: you're not the first or 2nd person to be disappointed to hear they didn't play that that night. They played the best songs off Wasting Light (first 6 + Walk) + the classics and a few covers, but not DOA. I never really considered that one of their staple songs. They played like 2:45 and Grohl is amazing and extremely entertaining in person (and personalizes what he says, unlike Grontier did fo you). Definitey worth the 45$ I paid.

I've seen Seether twice as well (Gboro and that Speed Street). They were OK. In Gboro, Adam Grontier sung the other half of Broken so that was a bit awkwardly unique. Both of those venues were fairly solid (Hurt opened in Gboro). I used to be a sucker for that type of music but I've gravitated back towards the 90s. I'd love to see Pearl Jam in concert, even if Eddie Vedder is like 45.

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