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02-01-2006, 05:31 AM
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Here's what I do:

Pants & Shoulder Pads - Slosh them around in a tub full of warm water and Oxyclean. Hang dry.

Shin & Elbow Pads - Put in dishwasher with the warm drying cycle DISABLED. Use Oxyclean as it's very low sudding. Hang dry.

Helmet - Put in dishwasher once every blue moon as described above.

Gloves - Haven't figured this one out yet. I've heard of people putting them in the washer (with towels tied around them to keep them from floating), but I have yet to try this. What I can say is that they take FOREVER to dry.

Everything else (jersey, hockey socks, girdle-thingie, socks, etc.) - Wash in washer in warm and hang dry.

Hope that helps.


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