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03-01-2012, 08:40 PM
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Im going to back it up a step, we need the right owner and this is where we see if Molson is it. Doesnt matter how good the GM and Coach are, if Molson tells the GM the priority is to make the play-offs this year, we are in trouble because the GM will make short term patchwork moves and the Coach will have no patience with players, and the young guys will mostly suffer. Molson must let the GM develop at least a 3 year plan and give him that time. In turn, the GM must assure the Coach he will have a few years behind the bench, like Burke supports Wilson ( though Wilson appears to suck ) so that the Coach is patient with the young guys and tries to develop them. Will also be telling if Molson is willing to send Gomez to the minors or at least buy him out to get that albatross contract off the GM. If Gillett was the owner Im sure all the answers would be the right ones, he was the right owner because he was willing to spend even when he was losing money because he wanted a winner, it remains to be seen with Molson.
The GM must be professional as said in an earlier post and must treat the players with respect. The GM must also be front and centre protecting his coach, like Burke, and players, like Gainey did with Brisbois when he told the boo-birds to shut-up or stay home as they were not wanted at the games. Obviously the GM must be sharp and be a good assessor of talent and absolutely believe that true success will be found only in good drafting and player development. We cant keep losing on trades where we slowly diminish our assets, such as Tender, SK, Dags and we cant afford megablunders like Ribs ( lost a top 2 centre for 0 return or that Gomez fiasco ). The GM must view trading as a last resort. While the GM must let the Coach coach, it must be the right Coach and the Coach must appreciate that he must use the players he has and develop them because the GM will not just throw away the players in trades , like JM caused PG to do. GM must be patient with the temperment and immaturity of youngsters and make sure the Coach is like that as well.
The Coach. I have already pointed out alot about the Coach I want through the GM part in terms of player treatment. The Coach must not be an ass, I really didnt like some of the snide stuff that came out of JMs mouth ie AK playing well, contract year he said. The Coach needs to look out for his players and communicate with them. I want a Coach who will assess the players he has as individuals and try to maximize their abilities as opposed to having a system that he tries to force players into regardless of the nature of the player, JM with his rigid defensive system and RC with this dump and chase stuff. I want a Coach who wants to utilize our size ( yes, size ) and speed to play a more aggressive style of play. The Coach must be smart enough to be able to adapt.
Thats about it.

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