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Originally Posted by Anton Dubinchuk View Post
Haha we're the same person. Arms Without Atrophy is my favorite song on that album, but "My Time Outside the Womb" is a close second. For me, though, while the first album is sick, it's not even CLOSE to The Monitor.

Haha yeah living in NJ probably helps a ton. Dan McGee, referred to in A Pot in which to Piss and co-singer in Theme from Cheers is from Chapel Hill, but his band Spider Bags isn't nearly as good. Very much a country-y/indie band, which is an interesting sound, but all of their songs end up sounding like Theme from Cheers, which is a great song, but apparently it's very obviously stolen from Spider Bags.

So yeah, also the lead singer for Titus has a rare disorder called something like "picky-eater" disorder. Apparently he hasn't eaten more than like 20 different foods in his entire life... The more you know, eh?
Haha... yeah Spider Bags are okay. Before the show at the VFW that I went to, I was outside with my roommate and some random guy from Brooklyn who had driven down while they were having a smoke, and Patrick Stickles came out to bum a cigarette. We were part of the handful of people there above the age of 18. I remember he asked which hockey team we supported because he was trying to understand the sports demographics of New Jersey. Very interesting guy. Probably the most interesting band Twitter feed out there; the feed consists mainly of him encouraging people to call him or come hang out with him in NYC, or him savagely attacking other artists then later backpedaling.

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