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Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
plek had DD spot and didn't take advantage of it. DD has earned it and should keep it over plek. If plek stays with the team, find him some wingers for a good second line
Pffft! Let's just pretend like it's possible to throw out the last 6 seasons of Plekanec's career here, to give you the strongest possible standpoint to debate this point. Even then, Plekanec started off the season with 20 points in the first 20 games this year. Yes, that's even a higher PPG than DD's 28 in 29 games! He was literally the PPG player we've been waiting so long for.

You'll notice that right away, DD was put with the bigger wingers we had around (did well with Max and A.Kost, if you don't remember, before ending up with Max and Cole), and that's when Plekanec found himself part of the smurf line (with Cammy and Gionta) that they didn't want to insert DD into. Cammy gets traded, Gionta gets hurt, and who has Pleks ended up with as a result? Not even A.Kost, who played with Eller and Moen the most before being traded. They could have gone with Max-Pleks-Cole for more than just 35 mins of TOI, but how much praise for DD do you think we'd be doing if he was put on a line with Cammalleri and Gionta from the start of the year?

Long story short, your sentence that I bolded is just plain wrong. Sorry. DD has only played with Cammy/MaxPac as LW, and only Cole/A.Kost as RW - our biggest (not Cammy, obviously)/best (well, should have been Cammy, lol) wingers. Pleks, on the other hand, has had to play with everyone else as a result of having to hide DD's size in the lineup, and not being willing/comfortable enough to promote Eller to 2nd line responsibilities behind Plekanec.

Good on DD for making the most of the opportunity, but he only has the opportunity because Eller was deemed not ready for 2nd line duties (especially if that meant DD would have to take on the 3rd line checking duties instead, lol), and DD's lack of size down the middle requires the presence of wingers like MaxPac and Cole. Oh, and none of this might have even come to pass if Gomez didn't suck so bad, leaving DD as the next most ready centre we had.

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