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02-01-2006, 11:51 AM
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You're talking about Fosberg, stay at home during the Olympic Games: I think it's not right.

I agree with you that Olympic games should be not for pro players but only for amature but they aren't, so, why should he has to loose them if he will be healthy?

I think you're happy when U.S.A win a gold medal, even in winter or summer Games as I am when Italy win it, so, how many gold medals do you think USA win if go to Olympics without their best players? "Miracle" happens once in dozen years...
But obviously if you don't mind these things my speech is without any sense...

And I tell you that for me, the more NHL players will be in Torino, the happier I'll be, and like me so many guys: I won't have any further chance to see them live, Foppa, Gagne, Alfredsson, Naslund or any other...

Another thing: I don't want any of our players gets hurt there and I WANT Flyers to win the Cup but right now I'm more interested in watching a GREAT Olympic tournament!!

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