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02-01-2006, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Irish Blues
That would leave about $55.15 million left before the rollback, just over $41.9 million after. Divide by 6, and we get $6,985,674. But, that's not his actual cap number - supposedly it's about $7.415 million.
If he is owed 41.9 million over the 6 years, why would it actually be 7.415 million? The roughly 7 million dollar one sounds right when it comes to actual cap hit. I like the other method even better that has it at 6.7 but i think that wrong(although i haven't seen the CBA which would have explained it better). We still don't know if when Yashin signed the contract if he recieved a signing bonus or not, which could lower it as well.

Whatever the cap hit is, it's definantly a shortsited move on the Islanders behalf because they should have either made the deal a 5 year deal or front loaded it(imagine if they give him a 10 million dollar signing bonus for instance, that means it would be 1.67 million less of a cap hit now). due to the NHL having to renegotiate the CBA in 2004-05.

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