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02-01-2006, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Irish Blues
According to that article, Yashin's cap figure is $7.415 million; they didn't make it exact so it could be $7,414,673 or $7,415,000 or $7,415,497. If there was a pro-rated signing bonus, I would assume it would count for the years under this CBA where he was supposed to get it ... of course, no one has seen the damn CBA to verify this for sure.
The thing is i don't think Yashin signed a singing bonus, but if he did only 6/10ths of it would count against the cap. The only think i can see to make it more would be the fact i seen varying degree how much he signed for from 87.5 million to 89.8 million. If you go by the later figure his cap hit will come out closer to 7.3 million. There is also a false rumor that the final 2 years of the contract are "option years" on the Islanders part at lower rates which i guess could increase the cap value if you just base it on 4 seasons.

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