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03-02-2012, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyerCub View Post
I miss when it was a bit easier to look at a section or group of rows and determine the price. I had only paid attention to the mezzanine pricing since that's where I sit but I was with a friend downstairs tonight who hadn't yet seen next year's prices (she renews at the first opportunity regardless). We were looking at the latest wrinkle in the lower level, different pricing depending whether it is the shoot 1x or 2x end, with the corners in the 1x end falling in between in terms of pricing. I'm curious to see how much the "face value" prices change.
I hope they never add that wrinkle to the Mezzanine... This season was the first with increased prices as you go lower/decreased as you go higher and our 23.5% increase for the 2nd row (and IIRC another 3.7% increase next season for our row). We sit where the Flyers shoot twice and I would be totally pissed if they bumped us up and lowered the cost for the 1X people... not a fan of the uneven rate hikes. BTW, what do they do with the people with the desirable Center Ice seats? Maybe they keep them the same and raise the 2X and reduce the 1X sections... they can do it on a seat by seat basis like they did with their row by row restructuring of last season.

I personally like the lower rows of the Mezzanine due to the more reasonable pricing and the ability to better see plays develop... and more of the overall ice at the same time. I remember sitting in the 1st and 2nd rows in the lower bowl of the Spectrum... the view was great for seeing up close and personal the battles in the trenches, BUT I personally would no want to sit there on a game by game basis and reserve those front rows for occasional games. That said, up several rows off the ice would certainly allow better views of the overall ice action... Different strokes for different folks and chocolate vs vanilla ice cream type of situation; this is why all the seats are accounted for each game, and most everyone is content over the long haul.

For my situation I'm fine... before this season's pricing reconstruction a guy I know was able to see all 44 Regular and and Preseason games in the top row of the corner for the same price I saw 42 games where I sit... At this point in my life, I'm happy with a half season and what I consider a better location -- that other guy was younger and single with more open time to attend -- While the recent increases are frustrating and might push my partner to leave his 50% of the games, me and my son are content and enjoy our time together at the games.

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