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03-02-2012, 10:28 AM
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I'm not sure what all is sore but I am assuming that your legs are the worst. Fluid intake would be my first advice but you seem to have that handled with the water.

Taking some sort of anti-inflamitory will help the body overall. Heat works to relax the muscles but ice will take away the soreness. For most people ice baths aren't really something that can easily be done however. I use an ice pack on my quads before doing the heat. One thing that may work for you however is riding an exercise bike or just walking or an easy jog on a treadmill after you get home or maybe outside the rink afterwards if your drive is long. (My daughter goes to Denison so I know that weather may prevent you from doing that as well) The soreness and stiffness comes from taking the muscles from maximum intensity straight to zero or next to zero. I'm guessing that getting out of the car after the drive home is the worst that you feel? Basically try and find a way that will work for you to ease the muscles to the resting point.

If your soreness is somewhere other than your legs (like your low back) then it may be a technique issue and that can be addressed by changing how you do things.

Try ibuprofin and gentle exercise afterwards then 10 mins of ice and 10 mins of heat and see if that helps.

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