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11-13-2003, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Rand
On a side note I should pop into the Kings board more often. The fans here are much more open minded and less prone to throwing around insults/random flames then most team boards.
wow, that's quite a compliment. awesome.

i'd like to be able to say that kings are finding ways to win games, but unfortunately it's not that good; they are, however, finding ways to at least get a point, and that's not too bad. sure the need to tighten up in the third exists, but the few extra points we're picking up now are going to be huge at crunch time.

cechmanek was really inconsistant tonight. some of his best saves all season came early on, and he kept us in the game in the first period. on those goals, however, he was really out to lunch.

frolov was brilliant tonight. and he's on kings talk right now and he's kicking ass in a second language.