Thread: Speculation: 2012-2013 Sharks Roster analysis
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03-02-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
At the outset of the season, the coaches gave the PK to Mitchell and Handzus to coach. Published comment by TM. When it was tanking, the coaches stepped in. I assume Shaw because it is usually the defensive coach and it was published. Last year the PK was under Yawney and Woodcroft as published. DW is not running the PK. Latest published comment was that they have gone to a generic PK. Ultimately, it is TM's decision, but they have told us over time who specifically has been responsible.

Initially, I saw it when they went to a generic box. I saw a diamond against an umbrella very briefly (a game or two). And since then, I have seen some 1-1-2 where the box goes 1-1-2 when the PP overloads. The recent 1-1-2's have been burned a bit when the opposition shifts there overload to umbrella on the fly and the Sharks don't have time to re-adjust.
Is it normal for teams to let players coach a PK? Talk about picking the wrong 2 players. I hope DW & TMac recognize the mistake and hire a real defensive assistant coach.

Easy, I know you made the point that the Sharks have never bought a player out but I'd counter that and say Niity and McLaren were effectively treated the same, just stashed in the AHL for the last year of their contracts, yet the Sharks still had to pay their salary. In McLaren's case, I don't think the Sharks could risk buying him out b/c they lacked cap space.

Since Zus has an NMC, the Sharks couldn't stash him in Worcester (without his blessing) so a buyout is their only option. I think the Sharks will think long and hard about buying him out.

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