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03-02-2012, 01:43 PM
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The only GM that makes any sort of intelligent point is Stevie Y.

The anonymous one is wrong, teams aren't going to pull their goalie with 5 minutes left. I find it highly questionable that teams would pull their goalie at all during a tied game, 3 points or not. There isn't a whole lot of evidence to support the idea that pulling the goalie even works. There's still the chance to win 2 points in OT.

Holland is wrong also, especially about the quote about going to 3v3 and calling that "playing hockey". How is 3v3 any more "playing hockey" than 1v1 (a shootout) ? What percentage of the total games of an NHL season is played at 3v3? They're both gimmicks. At least the shootout has a history to it at many different levels of the sport.

Furthermore, I reject the entire idea that races are what sustain fan interest. An exciting product is what makes people want to come back and see more. Fans are smart. They don't think their team is good because they're mired in the morass with god knows how many other teams fighting for 8th. At any rate, there will still be races - they''ll just have much more clarity to them and less gridlock.

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