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Originally Posted by Felix60 View Post
Maybe you should take a look at Halak's current stats...

Also, I think his post deserve a bit more respect than that. He has the right to not be part of the "believers" in Price, and he explained his point in a well written text. If I were him, getting a reply starting with "LoOOLLL" would be borderline considered an insult.
ur right, I did reply in a knee-jerk way, and rudely so, now that I re-read what I wrote, and I apologize Pointed Finger.

But I still stand by my point, that using faith in a goalie because of how he paid when he was 21 isn't fair.

And in regards to Halak's play, I still stand by it, nothing say he isn't a good goalie, but being his size 5'11 its tough to be a goalie that play 70+ regular season games, and he seems to doing best in a tandem situation, last year, he wasn't great, expect for a few hot streaks, but this year he has been great in a tandem situation with Elliot.

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