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Originally Posted by Panthers Rock View Post
Well let me clarify. When he's been good, he's been real good. But he's had a lot of bad games, which I can't say really for Theo. Sure he's had them, but Vokoun has managed to cost his team games. Theo really hasn't done that to us. Vokoun did that some last year, too.

He isn't done by any stretch. I'm just saying I feel the very best of Vokoun has passed and he's slowly getting worse. Would I take him back at a cheap price like Washington got him for? Certainly. But it's pretty unlikely to happen. Course I'm not sure he even sticks around in Washington. I feel like he's gonna try for a bigger, more sure-fire contender.
I agree with your assessment.

I was just saying that he's still a good goalie, overall. His numbers are still on par with his career numbers.

I don't think he's gotten any worse, really. He's a good goalie with the tendency of letting in the occasional head-scratching goal.

I also think Vokoun has some **** luck. He honestly deserves to play for a better team. He went from a key player in the Nashville franchise that led to their eventual long-term success/identity to downright ****** Panther teams.

What has happened this year has ruined the perception of his play.
Washington was a team with great expectations. They were supposed to contend with the Cup and Vokoun was like the last straw to the equation. What has happened however is that he's gone to a team that lacks an identity (and has had significant injuries like us, to be fair).
Also, they're now on a mini-winning streak with Neuvirth in net which further makes Vokoun look overrated.

Vokoun will go down as an underappreciated goalie because he never won anything (in large part because he played for terrible teams).

I'll never forget the stretch he had here of like 15 consecutive games allowing 2 goals or less and yet we ended up with a losing record in that stretch of games.

It's nice that we surprisingly haven't missed him at all because Theodore's playing just as well as he ever did here.

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