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Originally Posted by Molseed View Post
Honestly, I want to believe. I want to be optimistic. I want to say hey the guy has won 2 rings. But the real world for now is this. 6 wins. 5 wins. 2 playoff wins in 19 seasons. One playoff win for the coach in 13 seasons. This NFL caliber staff got embarrassed by powerhouses like Carolina, Buffalo, Miami, Minnesota, etc. Key players, despite the statements that Shanahan would run a more professional program, showed what they think of the team and coach by abusing drugs not once but multiple times.

Six straight home losses, in front of crowds that frankly were cheering more for the opponent than the Redskins. An offense that can't do anything except turn the ball over with regularity. A defense that looked great when playing patsies but couldn't stop anybody with a real offense. If this is all progress..well ok.

Shanahan's past is what it is. You don't like me harping on it because it blows a huge hole in this vision of the future. You and others speak of his good drafting, etc. and always conveniently gloss over him handing Philly a 2nd round pick for a has-been of a QB. In fact, his huge mismanagement of the QB position is the biggest reason he gets deserved critisism in the press and blogs. He's botched it three times now, he needs to get it right this time.

Is it a better situation? Honestly I don't think so. Not yet anyway. Because of everything I listed above. The facts are the facts, no matter how ugly they are. I'm looking for progress but really, I just don't see it. Maybe I'll feel better after the draft. Seems like they'll either have a new, young superstar QB to build around, or at least can fill several holes. We will see.
I mind you harping on it because I find that line of thinking bull**** at this point in time in regards to the Skins. I wasn't concerned with the Skins making the playoffs last year, and I am not concerned about the Skins making the playoffs this year. The playoffs would be nice, but I am not holding my breath right now.

Right now I am more concerned with the rebuilding of the Skins roster. Once the Skins have added a significant amount of new/quality players and prospects, probably after this coming offseason and regular season, I will start putting more importance on the on-field product.

Also, were you this vocal when Gibbs Part Duh was treating the draft like an after thought? Or because he willed a below average team, that he was responsible for creating, to the playoffs twice before he road off into the sunset, he lived up to his HOF credentials?

Finally, enough about the McNabb trade. It was worth a shot based on the roster Shanahan had at the time. Gibbs Part Duh traded a future HOF CB and a 2nd round pick to Shanahan for a good (not great) RB. Even the good NFL HC's can make dumb decisions from time to time.

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