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03-02-2012, 03:35 PM
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Didn't read through the whole GDT or this thread, so I apologize if this stuff has been said before:

As someone who went to the game, I was once again astounded that the stadium was half-empty and overrun with Rangers fans (probably 50% attendance were in blue). Several fans were tossed from the 300s section (on both sides) for taunting each other, when a group of Canes fans threw beer at a pack of Rangers fans who responded to their "Rangers suck" chant with "First place." The Canes fans then promptly challenged them to a fight, and all of them were quickly surrounded and tossed.

Biron let in a softy (1st goal), but played okay overall. Would liked it to have been a more distant game than it was, but the Rangers missed an open net continuously for over 4 minutes, then lapsed defensively to make the score closer than it was.

E. Staal is quite possibly the biggest whiney, over-rated, cheap ******* in the NHL. Completely invisible all game long save for a few VERY one-sided calls his way (Rupp "pulling" him down live looked like Staal threw him down, the PPG early in the second when he flat-out tripped Boyle on the opening face-off, rushed down, and the Canes scored), but still managed to pick up 2 garbage points.

Jeff Skinner is becoming quite a cheap player himself. Several times he was the third man in attacking a Ranger from behind, and had a rather blatant elbow that got him a penalty in the third.

Cam Ward frankly is awful. I don't care that they complain about his lack of defense this year, even in Hank's worst defensive years he blew Ward's stats out of the water, yet their fans and announcers routinely compare the two as if they are neck-and-neck.

The Rangers won something like 86% of the face-offs in the first period. Given their general lack of domination in that category, I was quite surprised.

And lastly, they were showing footage of 9/11 throughout the entirety of the game on the jumbotron, in an attempt to rally for fundraising. Several Rangers fans pointed out how insensitive that was, and I agreed. With the large number of people in house last night who likely witnessed or knew someone in those attacks, to show it roughly 15 times during the game probably hit a sore spot with a lot of us. Felt it was pretty classless, honestly. On top of that, I REALLY wish the Canes fans would stop defecating on the National Anthem by screaming "Jussi (can YOU SEE)," "Gleason (gleaming)," and "Red (rockets RED glare)," smack in the middle of the anthem. It's just disrespectful.

At any rate, glad the Rangers won. Keep that gap moving up. Got taunted in the parking lot, to which I responded they couldn't beat us without our best forward, our captain, and the best goalie in the game.

Edit: Dubinsky acted like a little baby when he threw that stick to the boards and was well deserving of being benched, for all those complaining about it being a bad thing.

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