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03-02-2012, 04:40 PM
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Proper diet and hydration are pretty important. Make sure you have enough carbs and protein for game days. Make sure you're also drinking plenty of water on game day, and immediately after the game. I like to do pasta the night before I play, have some soft boiled eggs and toast for breakfast on game day, and eat some leftover pasta for lunch. Depending on what time I play, I will skip dinner and have a little fruit before I skate, or eat 4+ hours before the game. Then I load up after the game and eat a ton to replenish the body.

What kind of soreness are you talking about? If you are talking about soreness like after you work out, then you just need to train your muscles more. Hockey is pretty unique in that it uses a ton of muscles that you otherwise probably wouldn't use. Those muscles need to get accustomed to the strains of playing hockey. I have played pretty much my entire life, but when I take a few weeks takes me probably a month of skating not to be really sore the next day when I come back from the break. It's muscle endurance more than anything. The soreness I believe is caused by micro-tears on the muscles that were worked out. Some people naturally recover and heal faster than others, and in your case, there might be nothing you can do to avoid the extended soreness.

I think the biggest thing is... don't just sit around the day after. You have to remain active. Go for walks, do a little jogging, light workout, etc. Keeping blood flowing to those muscles is important for recovery.

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