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03-02-2012, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Whitesnake, I know what you're saying, and you're a well respected poster here, but...I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there...yeeeaaahhhh...

You can call it what you like: dirty, cheap, dishonorable. But it remains one thing: effective. The fact is that movers and shakers don't check their actions with a "code" before they do them. You could say that maybe Maurice Richard shouldn't have taken a stick to that Bruin and punched out that ref. But he did, and it changed things.

White made a statement the other night. A simple, resounding declaration with a singular message: Don't. Touch. Carey.
Fine. So it's never going to happen right? Sorry, it will. The other teams will stop touching at Carey the day we have ON EVERY PAIRING, a big punishing 6'3 d-man who will make sure they don't come close to him. Not by an action of a guy who, despite his incredible heart, will not be able to stop this especially when it is going to be tougher and bigger guys that will go at Carey. There's a limit White can do. Until we have the whole team going at it, it won't stop. White is a first step. A great step. Tons of steps ahead. And it can go the other way around. If White does his thing again and faces Thornton....and he gets clocked. What will it then say about this no touch Carey thing? Will only say that White is brave....but won't change the toughest to change their game.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Whitesnake, watch that YouTube video in real time a couple more times. It wasnt like White saw Campoli had Veilleux wrapped up from across the rink and White skated for several seconds to get to him.No, White acted on instinct, emotion and probably did not even see nor care that Campoli was holding on to Veilleux. We have the luxury of sitting and watching events on TV or on a computer screen after the fact. White was in the moment and he saw Price get whacked.I think, with all due respect since I appreciate your knowledge and posting style, that you are over analyzing a split second action by White.
And that's the thing I'm talking about. Do you think for one second that we have any use of NOT over analyzing anything a Bruin does, Malone does or whoever after they cheapshotted one of our players? Even if it happens in the same split second? Sorry, but those guys know exactly what they are all doing. White couldn't care less if Veilleux was being hold or not. But by not caring, it could mean Veilleux was with somebody. White had a message to send. That was his goal. So to say that he didn't see Campoli, I'd say it didn't matter 'cause he still had that message. Yet, again, send that message if you'll have to send it to everybody.

Let me be real clear. OBVIOUSLY, White want nothing to do with the frail team we were before and had to see us being pounded game after game. So clearly, he had enough. So I do understand his gesture. But it was still dirty. And it shouldn't happen. Again, it's all about being consequent. Strangely, I am amongst the few who can like what White is doing. 'Cause I am amongst the few who don't mind the rough stuff the Bruins are doing ASIDE from attacking non-fighteres like they did with Pyatt and Spacek and Co at the time. That was cheap, uncalled for and dirty. But anything else, I like how this team is build. So if I have to be consequent, I can't be against the rough stuff....but to me, that was beyond it.

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