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03-02-2012, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Reijo R View Post
In Staten Island, I get a lot of Manfredi Auto commercials. First of all, I've gone to Manfredi and the guy's a ripoff artist. Pulled a bait & switch on me several months when I was looking at a Kia Sorento. Second of all, that little girl (presumably a relative) who says "When you're ready, go to Manfredi" has gotten annoying after seeing her about 350 times.
You want to hear something good? About 4 years ago, he got into an accident here on SI, where I also live. He had a transvestite in the car, which is illegal, since he solicited prostitution. He paid off the cops it seemed, but my friend's father, who is a firefighter, was also there since they both get called in for these types of incidents. The guy is a total piece of garbage, has horrible feedback business wise as well as being a piece of garbage with ripping people off, puts his kids and family on commercials like he is a good guy, and is with girlguys on his free time getting into DUI accidents and paying people off to sweep it under the rug. Crazy story, but it's true.

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