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Originally Posted by PDO View Post
You're a Steeler fan, no?

Dirtiest player in the league on either side of the ball in Harrison and Ward.


I mean you cut Ward, but that's a hilarious case of throwing stones in a glass house.
Did I show outrage at any point of this? I guarantee you 3/4 of the league is participating in this same practice...maybe not all of them coach-sanctioned (actually, almost assuredly most not coach-sanctioned). I just pointed the Ravens out because they talk about it openly.

Any time the Steelers and Ravens play...the highest paid players on those teams are almost assuredly putting bounties on the other team's players. I doubt the coaches are involved whatsoever, but it seems way too obvious for it not to exist.

For what it's worth...I don't necessarily hate it. I'm a Steelers fan, which means I am a fan of old-time football. For as much as I ****ing hate the Ravens and want them to go for a nice swim in the middle of a volcano...I respect the way they play's part of what makes that rivalry the best in football, these are two holdover franchises that still play rough and tumble 'we'll punch you in the mouth and then spit on you' football. I have no problem with players putting bounties on the line for the hardest (legal) hit of a game. I would say I have a problem with coaches putting bounties out there for purposefully injuring guys, though.

Still...this exists in the league...and the Saints are far from the only team that has been practicing this. I'm just shrugging at the whole thing. The fact that anyone could possibly be surprised that this happens is what surprises me.

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