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03-03-2012, 02:28 AM
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From someone who has suffered multiple ankle sprains and even a fractured ankle that I never went to the hospital for and only found out a year after that I fractured it on an xray my advice would be:

Start using heat on the ankle as well.

Ankle injuries can linger on and on and on. They are one of the slowest recovering injuries. When you think it is healed as someone else pointed out give it another week although I'd recommend giving an even longer period of time than that.

Absolutely avoid running sports for the next little while. Especially sports like ball hockey or tennis that involve quick pivots. If you continue to have problems with rolling on your ankles start wearing court shoes or tennis shoes. They are similar to cross trainers but with better lateral support. I wore cross trainers for years and their is a huge difference. The shoe that works the best for me is the ASICs court shoes but everybody is different.

If you want to keep playing ice hockey wear a brace for the next little while or tape it up. It might even be helpful for work especially if your walking on beams which require more balance than you probably ever think about. Watch you don't off to much circulation though.

Some physio exercises that should help build up strength in your ankles again are:

-Stand on one foot and hold with good posture. If this is very easy make it a little harder by doing it on a balancing pad/bosu ball OR do raises where you put your weight to the front of your foot/come back down with your foot solid on the group than back towards the front of your foot.
-Doing one leg at a time have your leg stretched out and your ankle at 90 degree than turn the bottom of your foot to the inside and hold for a half second to second than bring it back to 90. Repeat up to 10 times. Do the same to the outside. You'll know if your doing this correctly be feeling pressure in the bottom outside part of your ankle (you might think your working your foot but remember your ankle actually extends far down).
-Sit in Japanese position for short periods of time preferably on a carpeted area to start.

A physio-therapist will most likely give you the above exercises as well as do some ultrasound.

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