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03-03-2012, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
punching someone that's being held by another person is dirty and cowardly. I don't think White saw that he was being held as White isn't dirty or cowardly, so I'm not knocking White or what he did in terms of sticking up for Price since it was good to see. Just next time grab the guy and fight him when no one is holding him.

Playing tough is great, playing dirty isn't. No player on the Montreal Canadiens should ever play dirty, leave the dirty and cowardly stuff to boston.

but reality also is that there is a very fine line btw being assertive/sending messages & being dirty. any player who is going to straddle that line, will occasionally cross it (indadvertedly or not, as like you, I don't think White was fully aware of how "tied up" veilleux was).

in my mind, the bottom line is that we need, and have needed, player(s) that straddle that line more aggressively. Chris Neil is a poster boy for that in my mind, and White seems to be pursuing a similar type of "identity".

the only thing I really don't want to ever see, is the "pre-meditated" type B.S we see so often from the Bruins "tough" guys.

It's one thing to react in the moment, and perhaps cross the line. It's another thing to specifically target players, wait until they are in vulnerable positions, and deliver blows with the intent to injure. Marchand, Lucic, Chara are all players who have/do play that way, and that's the kind of disgusting lack of character I don't ever want to see in a habs jersey.

I don't think White is that kind of player...

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