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03-03-2012, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by What the Faulk View Post
Considering the responses of some of the Saint fans in this thread, I'm not terribly surprised. But no, we're all just "haters", despite literally everyone in the media calling this a huge deal where the Saints will likely have the book on thrown at them.

Sorry your team got caught, and I don't disagree that it does happen league-wide but that's not the point. There are mountains of evidence on the the fact that it was an organization-sanctioned program. If they had this type of evidence on other teams, everyone would feel the exact same way, and I'm sure the league would react the exact same way. It doesn't make anyone a hater to expect a spygate type penalty, or worse. This doesn't just affect the outcomes of games. This affects peoples careers, health and lives. It's one thing to play hard and it's entirely another to want to make someone have health problems for the rest of their life. Those aren't football playing robots under those helmets, those are real human beings. Too often people forget that.
I agree that it isnt a Saint-hater derived thing. I just have a problem with the sanctimonious talk like everyone is a fan of a clean team and it's merely the team who got caught who is the monster. What the Saints were doing is part of the culture of football and I just find it strange that people act in total shock and horror about it when they claim to be a fan of the sport. All the greatest defensive players always played with a mean chip on their shoulder and they essentially hated whoever they were playing. They werent out there to purposely twist a knee the wrong way, but they certainly were wanting to deliver such a big hit that it would knock a guy out of a game. That was seen as a measure of success. It's like fighting in hockey, there is a sense of accomplishment when a player actually ko's another one. Even though it doesnt happen that often it typically is the goal of each of the fighter.

Frankly, I want my team's defensive coordinator doing what Gregg Williams did. I want teams to absolutely hate playing the Giants D. I cheered the defense in the 2010 season when they knocked out seemingly a new QB each and every week. I really don't think it's a huge stretch to think that when there seemed to be a pattern that other teams QB's were dropping like they were that the giants players didnt have a little thing going amongst themselves that is probably very similar to the Saints thing.

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