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03-03-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Yep, he might be a 100 points player. He might break Gretzky record also who knows.

It's more likely not to happen.
I know you're a big fan of him. I know you're also a big fan of the Remparts. But just try and be realistic and put your emotions aside.

Hard-worker side board eating machine/forechecking machine are what this teams need. Its what any teams needs over talent.
There's many example of this in the NHL . Nikita Filatov, Burmistov and others are all super talented and to an extreme. But they lack the drive to make it happen really... I loved every second of Andrei Kostitsyn play here...But was he the hardest worker ?(not taking this year in count cause he was pretty much one of the hardest worker...)

Oh and FYI Andrei Kostitsyn was also a training freak...
I know where you're coming from and personally I'd draft Grigorenko behind Yakupov, Forsberg, Galchenyuk (assuming his knee checks out), Dumba, and Murray because I'm scared about all this talk about him. However, if we draft him, I'd be thrilled. I'm just going by what I hear and then I naturally assume the absolute worst, but if we draft him, that means we will have scouted him intensely, will have interviewed him probably multiple times, will have interviewed Patrick Roy and others affiliated with the Remparts multiple times, and will have come to the conclusion that there isn't an issue or there's less of an issue than we believe and/or the potential payoff (in all facets, not just regular season offensive numbers) vs the risk still makes him a better prospect than the next guy on the list.

If we end up drafting him, we'll have a big centre who's putting up 53-38-42-80 in his rookie year, who's character and drive checks out, or at least who's character and drive checks out enough that some really smart hockey minds that have done their due diligence think he's worth the risk. Don't hate the pick before it happens based on secondary sources when the people making the pick will be examining all the primary sources and more of the secondary sources.

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