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03-03-2012, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Fozz View Post
I'm not talking about some random chance here. I'm saying it's a strong possibility that Galchenyuk and/or Forsberg will be the best forwards to come out of this draft. And yes, this is based on what we have to work with.
That's kind of like, your opinion.

The pros seem to have come to the consensus that Yakupov and Grigs are the top 2 because they're the only top end, elite talent this draft has. After that, it comes down to preference.

It could also be possible that Grigs falls from here to draft day, and the only reasons that would justify this are : he's not considered that superstar talent so he's one amongst the bunch of the top 8-10 of the best available OR a player currently behind solidifies his position to the point that he can be considered a superstar talent (could be more than one).

But at this point, the general consensus is that there's a crystalized top 2, with a few people hating on Grigorenko, but it's been proven most of the argument over the Grigs hate is related to his lingering injury and off-base perception.

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