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03-03-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by habscup View Post
Ok Enough is enough.

First of all, Carey Price plays on one of the worse defensive teams I've ever, yes i said EVER seen. Kaberle, Diaz, Weber, Campoli? Are you ****in kidding me? If I had a penny every time one of of men lost their man creating a major scoring chance, or everytime they left a guy wide open in the slot, or every time they let a guy pounce on his own rebound two or times to score, i would be a BILLIONAIRE.

Do people look around the league at all? Did you guys see us getting 1 scoring chance the whole game vs St Louis? No! Thats because Halak plays in front of a real team, not a bunch of sad pathetic people like Carey does. Did you guys see the number of times Tim Thomas was bailed out by his defense when we played them last game? The number of times we had open nets but we're well covered, or when Chara blocked the whole net as thomas was down and out? Do you guys really think ANYBODY, even Halak or Thomas would have had a winning season with Montreal? Another thing, playing night in and night out counts for something, and Price has been a real workhorse the past 2 years, 70 games a year takes a toll on your "stats" because you are there every game and do not benefit from having nights off when the team is having a bad stretch. That's where your "stats" drip, no matter who you are. But if the coach plays you only half the time, than your stats dont drip very much.

Second, having a guy like Price really helps the defensemen in our zone retrieve the puck, Price is so damn good with hitting pucks in the air, making solid passes and reversing behind the net, a team like Detroit who has a good coach at the helm would've taken advantage of this luxury. How many times has he made a clear by himself on the pk which by the way is number 1 in the league with him in net? Again, only a handful of goalies can do this.

Third, what is with this nonsense that he has not stolen any games business? Does he have to flop like a fish and make saves out of his ass like Thomas to be great in net? Watch the games, Price has such good positioning and lateral movement that he makes it all look easy. He is NEVER flopping on the ice, always square to the shooter, big in net. Had the habs given him better goal outputs, we would've won a ton more games even with this dispecable defense in front of him.

Also another thing, people are so obsessed with "statistics" it is crazy. Watch the games, judge for yourself. See the defensive breakdowns habs have every 5 minutes, and compare that to St Louis, Rangers, Bruins, Wings, Preds. Then come and tell me with a straight face that the team does not make a difference on a goalie's "stats".
Seriously man...

Thomas, Howard and Rinne are sitting there behind Norris winners and our guy is behind a group borne out of the AHL. You'd think that his own fans understand and appreciate this.

It kind of reminds me of how Leaf fans were with Sundin. No matter what that guy did there were folks who just didn't like him.

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