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Completely Racist! but I know where he's coming from
its somewhat true though... most asians can't play hockey well nor sports in general.

Not many "hard" asian's really... this includes even East Indians

I'm Chinese, but I'm first gen and grew up playing hockey, football, soccer and the like
however I was somewhat a disgrace to my mother, as I spent more of my time playing sports than taking "typical" piano lessons and "studying" lol

I still did well enough in school, I grew up in Winnipeg and ther were only like 2 chinese kids in my school, so I grew up pretty much 100% "Canadian" and somehow managed to keep up and grew to 6' tall, though my parents are tiny peeps.

in Short, there are MANY good young "Asian" (oriental, or Indo) hockey players these days. I live in Calgary now, and in the North East, which is a predominantly a multi-cultural area, are pumping out really excellent hockey players out of their Minor hockey association.
mind you many of these "multi-cultural" kids these days are 1st or 2nd gen Canadian

So in this City, I have never seen anyone "judge" someone for being ethnic

That being said... there are also many many asian people who haven't ever played the game and being later in life somewhat have the disposable income to blow on the most expensive equipment, but won't spend it or time on lessons lol
This is the same with Golf, and never get stuck behind an old "Asian" foursome, especially if there are old women there.

"maybe" once in a while I see some racism on the ice, some idiot will try to pick me out... but I usually show em up by playing hard relentless hockey, and have no problems picking up the physicality and intensity if it requires. (most people haven't played "real" competitive sports, let alone play defence in CIS football)

a while back, I was stretching by my bench, and this dude on the other team skates by the red line and says: "Keep your head up, or its coming off"... "make sure your chin strap it tight"

so... sure enough I tell ole' cap that I want to be on the ice when he's on...
I was playing Center, but decided to switch it up with my left d' man and his team dumped it in and we're chasing in for the corner... I look back and can tell he was going to paste me in the numbers, but I'm a better, faster skate... and right before I get to the puck, I brake... which is "bad" cause I could get boarded, but I just side step him, he doesn't really slow, and he lines himself into the glass, and I for good measure, as touch the puck and transition with some speed right into him HARD and knock the wind right out of him

I look down and said, just try to keep brining it buddy, I'll be here.

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