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02-02-2006, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Eklund
from my blog this morning...this is complete and utter fabrication


This Morning I got this email....

Longtime reader and fan of yours, visit your site often, too often sometimes ... I was just wondering if you've heard anything on this...I'm a HUGH Avs fan from Denver also so this got my curiosity.

< catID=3&forumPageNo=1>

If you want to take the time to read it go ahead, if not heres the basic outline of this. The poster in the topic "tfr8" is supposed to be Avs prospect Tom Fritsche, apparently he's*become*friends or acquaintances*with Al Muir over at Beckett and he shared his WJC experience with the forum readers and so on, i guess he checks out as to be the real deal according to the regular members, and I think the Beckett guys would call his bluff if he wasn't. Then i came across this proposed deal he was talking about that included himself.

"quote from the forum"
theodore to colorado
ian laparriere and marc denis to montreal
dan hinote & me (Tom Fritsche) to columbus.
draft picks all around...
(don't know about the picks, what round, etc.)

He gives updates throughout the topic about the status and*he was told*that this is "just the beginning" and "it's going to look like the trade deadline is next week around the league once this and at least 2 more in the works go through." Obviously this would leave a door open to an Aebischer trade and the loss of two key PK and energy guys,*it just seems like there are more questions than answers. It does look like the cap numbers work out too with most of*Theo's*salary paid for this year and the guys the Avs are sending away.

I know that there are probably hundreds of rumors like this that go unheard of that we don't realize, but if this guy is Tom and you read into what he is*saying that this is just the start of really what looks like a major shakeup and*the Blue Jackets wanting to know if he will sign with them, I'd want to know that too if I was picking up an unsigned*prospect. His brother also plays with the Blue Jackets too so we'll see, maybe we get to see*another brother tandem in the NHL.

Well Ek, thanks for letting me throw in my 2 cents on this, I really hope you can get around to looking at this and toss in a reply I would appreciate that greatly.

Best wishes and keep up the good work


Pretty interesting stuff, eh?

Well as it turns out I am fortunate to know Tom Laidlaw, the ex stay-at-home defenseman, current super agent and CEO of "NextShift." One of Tom's clients is Tom Fritche's brother Dan Fritche, currently with the Blue Jackets. Tom just got of the phone with the Fritche brother's Dad who said that last night Tom called his Dad saying that someone is pretending to be him and answering questions as him all over the internet. Tom also has nothing to do with Beckett....So this is complete FICTION!
Well then this must be true...

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