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02-02-2006, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by mini-mite fan
My old Supreme 1000s are approaching "the end" after 18 or 20 years of good service. So this last fall I decided to pick up a new pair of skates & start breaking them in while I could still wear my supremes every other night or so, to not punish my feet so bad during the break-in period.

Anyhoo, about 2 weeks ago I took them in for their regular sharpening and realized that the blade on one of the two skates was not straight!? Obviously I'm not talking about the normal arc from toe to heel that is up-n-down. My left skate actually arcs slightly from the outside of the left heel in towards my arch then back out towards my little toe. !?!?!?!?!?!?????

Now, I've never noticed or seen this before on skates. My shop guy is giving me the "no big deal, see it every now & then" schpeel (but he sold me the skates). And a couple of the guys in beer league with me said they also had heard of that before.

These aren't cheap hardware-store-brand skates - they're second from the top-of-the-line Nike(Bauer). Should I be asking for replacement or is this really pretty common??

Please advise...
I'd make them replace the blade. If the holder won't allow them to do replace just the blade, make them replace the blade and holder. If they tive you a hard time, email Bauer and tell them where you bought them the problem and how the shop won't fix it. I doubt they give you are hard time though.

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