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Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
Awesome. I'm a big fan of The Name of the Rose and have always wished for more like it (mysteries set in the middle ages). This sounds right up my alley. Thanks. EDIT: Oh, wow... there are 20 books in the series. That should certainly give me lots of reading. Also, it looks like 13 of the books were adapted to British television (and carried by PBS over here) in the 90s. They're all on DVD and Netflix instant streaming. That gives me even more incentive to check out the books.
The novels in the series are nowhere near in the same class as The Name of the Rose, but they are amiable page turners, lightweight but well executed. I've seen a few of the series on late night TV over the years. Derek Jacoby, an excellent actor more known for his Shakespeare roles, is marvelous as Brother Cadfael, and the series is a total delight.

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