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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Why in the world to people continually insist upon changing the one piece of the center equation which is working the best is beyond perplexing?

Of the Habs current top 3 centers, the only one who might merit strong consideration for the shift to wing would be Eller. He's crummy on face offs and isn't much of a play maker. Shifting him to wing would change his defensive responsibilities-which might be a negative-but on the offensive side of the equation there is little or no downside.

this is all assuming that Habs draft Grigorenko/Galchenyuk and he becomes an offensive-minded #1C
leaves us with Plek, Eller, Desharnais, Leblanc
Plekanec is (IMO) the very definition of a #2C on a contender (elite 2-way play while still being able to contribute 55-65 points) and is an integral part of the team's PK unit (one of the sole strengths of the team)
so that gives us our top 2 centers..assuming White will be centering a gritty 4th line, that leaves us Eller, Leblanc and Desharnais to center the 3rd line. Desharnais is too small and his game is too skill-based to play effectively in the bottom 6, so I figured he would be worth a shot on wing (dream top 6- Parise/Grigs/Cole, MaxPac/Plek/Desharnais)
and I think if Eller can work on his game a little he he can before a very efficient #3C who could eventually grow into the #2 role

Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
Plekanec will be gone before his contract is over. He just cannot be depended on.

he certainly can be depended on in a role appropriate to his abilities (#2 Center playing a lot on the PK)
he's been asked to do too much for too long on this team and would benefit greatly from a legit #1C to play behind and take a lot of the offensive load off his shoulders

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