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02-02-2006, 11:58 AM
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Figure I would add this here instead of making a new thread.

I bought a Warrior one piece last night. I haven't used it yet (tomorrow night) but it feels great. I skate with the guys who work at the shop I go to. So they weren't giving me the sales pitch, just helping me find a nice stick. Everyone in the store said I would love it and it's a great stick. I've used Innovative sticks in the past and always had good luck with them.

It came down to the Warrior or the Bauer Vapor XXX. The Vapor is an amazing stick, but I was warned they have seen a lot of them come back broken. The other issue with the Vapor was if I happened to break the blade I couldn't replace it due it's design. The area above the blade is super thin.

Some other info I got. I was told to stay away from Easton's. They break way to easily. I was also told that Innovative (now Warrior) made the first Easton Snyergy. Those were the ones that rarely broke. Plus if I happen to break the Warrior during the warrenty period I can bring it back to the store to get a new one. I can grab one off the rack, simple as that.

Man is it game time yet...

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