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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I don't get what the rush is for, if anything is going to hurt these guys it's our lack of winger depth forcing them to play with terrible linemates. Even a veteran like Plekanec was overmatched this year by having a revolving door of floaters and plugs that offered him no help on either end.
This need to be quoted just to be sure no one misses that part.

Also, the best description I've read on how to build a good team (I think it was from a poster here):

1.Get good players
2.Keep good players (Doesn't stop a team from making trades but that's pretty much the basis)

It's actually pretty simple. Teams that sucks usually aren't able to do a couple of these things:
1.Draft well (thus getting good players)
2.Devellop their players
3.Keep their good players
4.Sign good players
5.Get enough good players

A third line of 3 good players won't suck just because it's called a third line. The worst that will happen is that some of the good players won't get enough PP time to have them recognised as such by the people that judge players by their stat sheet.

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