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11-14-2003, 05:29 AM
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Originally Posted by willie
We aren't playing to win, we are playing not to lose. Granted, I can understand why he did that at that juncture of the game but I don't agree with it. That philosophy might get you into the playoffs but it sure as hell wont win you any championships.
Now I see why the Kings have had $$$ problems. The the only people in the organtization you can blame then for the Kings $$$ problems is the Marketing Department. Why?? Well, for obviously not getting the word out that last night's game was for the Stanley Cup. I didn't realize the Kings were playing for a Championship last night. Had I known, I would have made a much stronger push to get tickets. Why didn't the Kings play better, didn't they wanna win a Cup?? :p
Originally Posted by willie
This really shows the biggest of problem of the Kings organization. They are a complacent organization run by complacent people who are not entirely committed to winning.

A complacent coaching staff.
A complacent general manager. (this isn't DT bashing, I love the guy, but when was the last time he took a risk with the intention of putting a Stanley Cup hockey club together? Cliff Ronning? : )
A complacent owner.
Complacent coaching? Oh I get it... You're upset because John Van Boxmeer didn't hit that guy in the corner when he had the chance, or that (BIG) Ray Bennett wasn't willing to pay the price in front of the net or that Harpo didn't make the smart quick decision on the PP like he always used, ya know like 15 years ago... Willie, the coaches don't play, they can only stand behind the bench and motivate... they can't MAKE these guys execute.

DT is hardly complacent... I mean, you did see what he did in the offseason, right? And that was with the idea Allison and Deadmarsh would be back.

As far as the owners go, replace the word "complacent" with the word "cheap".

Originally Posted by willie
Unless this organization starts taking some damn risks with the intention of fielding a squad that can compete for the Cup, they will continue to muddle their way in mediocrity.
Look Willie, you know I think you're a great poster. Hopefully you won't get upset that I've had a little fun at your expense here... Certainly you can take a crack at me whenever you'd like... but the bottomline is that the Kings not winning last night has nothing to do with the coaching matchups and had nothing to do AM's philosophy or any complacency (or cheapness) by Anschutz, Leiweke, Taylor or AM and his staff. They didn't win last night because they have a shaky *** goaltender who looks nothing like the guy who has one of the lowest GAA's and SPCT's in the business the last 3 years.... PERIOD!

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