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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
Players are affected tremendously by their surroundings. What Kind of numbers would Kopitar be putting up right now if he played for the Flyers?

Look how much the numbers of Backstrom, Semin, and Ovechkin fell off when they went to a more defensive minded system.

Lecavalier put up 108 pts in 06-07, and 92 pts in 07-08. Other than that he's never hit the 80 point mark in his entire career. Is he elite? I'd ask the same of all these: Henrik Sedin, Eric Staal, Getzlaf, B. Richards ect. How do we know Giroux won't end up like them? (Players who usually average around 70/80 points, but have a couple break out years)

How do we know Kopitar's break out isn't in front of him? The Sedins didn't break out till their late 20's when the whole team around them improved.

Even Strength Point Per Game Averages of the top 10 NHL scorers last year:
D. Sedin..... .76 (+30)
MSL .......... .7 (even)
Perry ........ .76 (+9)
H Sedin ..... .72 (+26)
Stamkos .... .67 (+3)
Iginla ........ .68 (even)
Ovechkin ... .77 (+24)
Selenne ..... .63 (+26)
Zetterberg . .61 (-1)
B. Richards . .66 (+1)

Kopitar ...... .72 (+25)

^That's a tremendous stat. Anze was one of the top players in the game last year at even strength. He didn't get to pad his stats on the PP, that's why his overall numbers weren't eye popping. It's also amazing when you consider Kopitar played for far and away the worst offensive team of any of those players. That +25 also looks pretty damn good when you consider the Kings 5on5 F/A ratio was only 1.05. The Sedins put up a similar +/- but the team they played for had a 1.32 5on5 FA ratio. What kind of numbers would Anze have put up last year if he played for the Canucks?

Kopitar is having a "bad" year, and he's still going to put up 70 points. Which is about what all the other player I mentioned (Lecavalier, Staal, Getzlaf, ect.) put up during thier "bad" years. The difference is that Anze is coming off a season ending injury, gets used in an overly defensive role, plays for one worst offenses in modern NHL history, and has the least productive supporting cast in the entire NHL.

I'm tired of Anze getting thrown under the bus around here and blamed for the teams problems. Even the top guys in the league are affected substantially based on their surroundings year-to-year. In 08-09, Malkin was scoring at an 80 point pace, the Penguins were 27-25-0-5, and out of a playoff spot before Bylsma took over; they went on to win the Stanley Cu,p and Malkin finished the year with 113pts; the most in the NHL.

There's a lot of problems with the team this year, but Kopitar has done his part more than any other player not named Quick or Mitchell, and considering the circumstances, what Kopitar has done is pretty impressive.
I'm not saying Kopitar sucks, I'm just saying he's not elite.

Malkin is without question an elite player, along with Nik Lidstrom. These guys have won the Stanley Cup.

Maybe we're a little harsh on Kopitar, maybe not. Either way he disappears in awful lot of games.

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