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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Was he doing it "tongue in cheek"? In other words was he kidding but sort of made what could be deemed an offensive joke inadvertantly? Sounds awfully bold to say with a straight face.
I'm not sure, he was smirking so i also thought of the possibility that he was joking. That's why I didn't say anything.

Originally Posted by JoeCool16 View Post
That's super racist. I wouldn't want to play with those guys anyways, sounds like they'd be more than happy to take a cheap shot against you and maybe your so-called teammates wouldn't back you up. Sorry to hear about that experience, I come from a very multicultural area of Canada where 50-60% of the league is Asian, and the rest is mostly white or otherwise. We all get along great and I don't ever see any discrimination.

I'm also white, so I realize I'm not going to have many incidents where I experience racism firsthand. Makes me sad to think that my countrymen, living in Indonesia, would act like that. I hope you can find someone else to play with over there.
Yeah probably they will. I've a had quite a few Canadian friends before and all of them were awesome, I find that Canadians are similar with Indonesians in terms of being friendly. So, I was pretty surprised when i met this guy.

Originally Posted by Kessel View Post
Are you a beginner to hockey and did you explain this to them? I am sure that had more to do with it then being Asian..

No offense(everybody has to start somewhere) but if they play a competitive game they probably are not willing to take on beginners upsetting the flow of the game..

Find a different group
Yeah, I talked to their organizer and explained that I'm used to playing with bigger guys. Also told him I played juniors in Sweden even though it was 10 years ago. And no, they are not competitive. Just guys looking for some exercise.

Originally Posted by madmutter View Post
I'm going to pay devil's advocate here a little bit. Is it possible that the policy isn't "no Asians" exactly but more like "Canadians only"? If the purpose of this weekly game is to get together with some other people from home and do something you do at home because you are homesick then that might put it in a light that isn't as offensive.
Even if that is the case though statements like "Asians shouldn't play hockey" are rude, ignorant, wrong and yes, racist.
No, I overheard a few guys talking in different accents. Pretty sure one of them is from Eastern Europe and the organizer said he's American.

Originally Posted by Droid6 View Post
I don't like calling anybody racist because you never truly know what's in their heart, most people I know that say racist **** on occasion don't mean it and they just think it's funny to say distasteful ****. I love racial jokes, that doesn't mean I have hate in my heart for any race. Sounds like these guys are just a little ignorant and don't recognize when they are crossing the line, I doubt they truly hate asians.
Yeah I understand that, I love racial jokes too but only to guys I know. I wouldn't say it to strangers, that would be rude.. Except if I was rude to him in the first place, then I probably deserved it.

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