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Originally Posted by TSA0402 View Post
All assumptions. You know the problem with assumptions right? Instead of expecting Boro to be a solid bottom pairing d-man and Cowen, being a top pairing d-man. You should be projecting based on medium-low expectations.

Just making a bunch of uneducated projections of all your prospects being top six top four players is foolish.
Read my posts again, but this time actually read: "Thinking of the future of the team. Reaching full potential doesn't work out 100% for every guy, but looking ahead 2-3 years, we potentially have most of the pieces to be a top Stanley Cup contender. So I'm mentioning only our best prospects (F and G) which are there with Florida for the best in the league, and realistic projections for our so-so defense prospects."

And this: "AHEAD in 2-3 years, when Cowen could be a #2, Boro a #5 or 6, etc." Could means maybe he becomes this.

And I called Boro a bottom pairing candidate. Candidate means MAYBE he becomes this.

You also totally missed how I was talking about "ahead 2-3 years" and not the present, in your first post.

I am being conservative, notice I don't have Prince as a scorer.

And given that our prospects are ranked with Florida at the top of the league, and guys like Silfverberg and Zibanejad are projected by scouts as top 6 forwards, Lehner looks great and is highly regarded, I don't think projecting these guys as top 6 forwards is crazy, and I don't think projecting Cowen as a possible #2 is crazy either, as he looks good as a rookie, and is highly regarded and projected by scouts as a #2 or #3.

Yet, you call me uneducated and foolish.

Sorry to own you so badly here, pal, but it was warranted.

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