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02-02-2006, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Qui Gon Dave
Did you get that limited edition Starsky model or have you managed to get hold of one of the other models a little early? If you are willing to post some of your thoughts about the new stick once you've tried it, i'd like to hear any opinions on the Warrior sticks. I've seen a bunch of guys scoring with them in the NHL and a few breaking, mainly (i think) the Dolomite model. Hopefully they do justice to Innovative. I've been using some Novius tapered shafts the last few months and love them already, hopefully there will be something similar from Warrior in the future. Enjoy the new stick
I got the Starsky. Funny because Starsky and Hutch was a favorite show of mine growing up. The wife got a good laughout of that.

I'll be sure and post my thoughts on it sometime over the weekend.

Originally Posted by HeHateMeFrisbee
I was also told that Innovative (now Warrior) made the first Easton Snyergy.

Thats incorrect actually. Easton has only ever made their own sticks. BTW the new inno's (warrior) I being manufactured in China.
Hmm, interesting. I'm gonna bust his chops about that tomorrow night. Maybe I can get a free sharpening out of it.

The back of the stick says made in Mexico. I am 100% sure because I remember thinking what the heck to people in Mexico know about hockey sticks.

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